how much do you care of iso and shutter speed when in A mode?

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Re: how much do you care of iso and shutter speed when in A mode?

Starny wrote:

I would assume that most people taking pics in Auto mode are not overly concerned about ISO or shutter speed. If they were they'd shoot in other modes. Pretty simple really.

I am never "overly concerned" about anything.  I always have just the right amount of concern about what I'm concerned with.

If I shoot in Aperture mode with a fixed ISO, then I am concerned enough to set aperture and ISO and let shutter speed be adjusted by the camera.  But I am concerned about it, and watch it; I just don't want to have to keep adjusting it to get proper exposure if it's running high enough.

If it runs low, then I will usually just raise ISO.  I like to set ISO in many cases because I may decide to bracket shutter speed.  Which I can't do quickly in Manual mode or Shutter mode.  This is where one-button bracketing that includes burst mode is so nice (are you listening, Nikon?).

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