X-T4 - an almost perfect camera

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X-T4 - an almost perfect camera

Dear all

More than three years ago, I joined Fujiland with the X-T20, my cute little camera. It was one of the best purchase decisions I ever made in my life, since it brought back the joy in photography for me Thanks to my friends who recommended me Fujifilm. I was very active more than 30 years ago when I had a Pentax ME that I had bought (sic!) used from my father who upgraded to the Super A.

In August 2021, I pulled the trigger. I wanted to have IBIS so badly..... So I went for the X-T4. But I did not sell the X-T20. I still use it when I want to have a small and lightweight equipment. Consequently, I mostly use the X-T20 now with the XF 23 mm f/2. The X-T4 is quite large and heavy as compared to the X-T20. I pair it with the XF 16-55 and of course also all my other lenses.

The X-T4 is now my daily camera.

Its strengths

  • I continuously make use of the IBIS. All the time. It's so great to have IBIS. I can often lower the ISO or take photos when I couldn't before. IBIS was the main reason for me to go for the X-T4.
  • What came as a surprise to me, the mechanical shutter is just gorgeous. It's soft as butter. Since I have my X-T4, I perceive the X-T20's shutter as clunky.
  • There is so much debate, but I really don't mind the articulating screen. I am fully OK with it. It enables selfies. I do this only rarely but sometimes you need a photo from yourself, and it's nice to do it on one's own.
  • AF is good. Yes I have had very few OOF shots. I know all the debates here in the forum, I've read them all. But I don't find the AF bad. With the few OOF shots, I cannot exclude user error. I recently now turned AF+MF off because this may overrule the focus priority. Whereas the AF-S of the X-T20 was also perfectly usable, the X-T4 is a major improvement with AF-C. Disclaimer: I am not an action or sports photographer. My own kids are grown.
  • Tracking in AF-C works really fine. I also tried at 200 mm (XF 55-200)and was happy.
  • I love the AF joystick.
  • Great that the X-T4 uses the larger NP-W235 batteries.
  • The new film simulations are great. I like Eterna Bleach Bypass. I believe Classic Chrome is a tad more colorful as compared to the X-T20's Classic Chrome. Never did a systematic comparison.
  • The AF bracketing is easy to use. Needed to watch a Youtube video to understand how to use it. The manual was not sufficient. I do not use it too often since my macro lens is the stunning manual Laowa 65 mm f/2.8.
  • The stills/video switch and the separate menu settings are great.

What could be better?

  • Face detection is still not great. It was nearly unusable with the X-T20. It is better with the X-T4 but still often does not recognize faces. It is not reliable. So I simply don't use it. Fujifilm please improve!
  • Pity that the tracking does not work in video mode. Fujifilm, hopefully one day we'll get it through a firmware update!
  • The rear command dial is not smooth. The X-T20's is much better.
  • The second battery I ordered came without a cover. A small thing, but the second NP-W126 S of my X-T20 had an opaque case that I still use. Battery contacts need to be protected.

Neutral comments

  • I got used to the new position of the Q button quickly. But now I always press the wrong button on my X-T20
  • The X-T20 had a charger in the box, the X-T4 didn't. I understand the X-T4 is a professional camera, and professionals don't want to pay for a new charger every time they buy a new body. I went for the Nitecore FX3 since I could not get hold of the BC-W235 at that time.
  • My Linux machine would not recognize the X-T4. So I went for a card reader. Works flawlessly.
  • darktable user speaking. In August 2021, I still needed to manually add the X-T4 to Lensfun. Haven't checked since.
  • I bought an Amolith wrist strap. Very happy.
  • I bought a simple "Zecti" bag. Not a brand probably. It's from Amazon. Not because I wanted a cheap one. Because it fits best the X-T4 with the XF 16-55. Still happy.
  • Based upon a friend's recommendation, I bought the 22 jpeg recipes book by Thomas B. Jones and started to play. Yes I also know Fuji-X Weekly and play.

Kind regards,


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