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A7iv on the way!

After a year testing various systems, Nikon Z7ii, Canon R5, Fuji X-T4/X-Pro3/ and of course the A1, twice lol, I've decided to give the A7IV a go. It's sort of as a holding camera and mainly because I've given up on a camera that does both FF and crop well ie HR FF sensor, most of the time the crop results from FF do not achieve the quality of the very best crop sensors, eg X-T4, and therefore my original objective of a camera that does FF and crop well in one camera is sort of dead in the water for me, time to accept defeat and no the a7r4 was not really my cup of tea.

The things that have really come home to me over the past year of testing all these systems are;

Good eye detection for birds and wildlife is very useful, Fuji X-T4 has superb pin-point focus but after using the X-T4 with the 100-400 last week its obvious that the A1/R5 make that element so much more functional and capable.

Fully articulated screen, not something I ever wished for but really only the X-T4 and R5 have it and I have to say it's a big plus for me now

Good buffer is more important than fps for many situations and the a7iv seems to have this in spades, I barely used more than 10 on the A1 so having 30fps up my sleeve again just seems like a feature I don't need

30mp in FF is more than enough for my personal use, I don't print huge and 30mp gives me some cropping flexibility

But lenses seems to be were it all falls down for me with Canon and to a lesser extent Nikon, neither really worked for me;

Nikon Z 14-30 I thought was plain average and not as good as Sony's 16-35 f4, certainly I do like 16-35 range though, so no Nikon Z 16-35 2.8 is a bit of a problem for me.

Still no 200-600 on Z, but the 100-400 looks good as does the 24-120 but the 7II I don't know I didn't get into it, the lack of af feedback in c-af, the slow speed buffer with uhs-ii, the ibis, I wasn't so impressed and the lack of dials it just didn't work, battery life too seemed short, all in all it's still not there for me and while the Z9 might be an A1 beater its not really the point for me as I don't want a camera that size.

Nikon and Canon are also restricting 3rd party Samyang/Sigma/Tamron support except via adapter, so it doesnt really offer much in the primes except the native Z primes which do look good to be fair, although the 40 was as bad as people say!

Canon, well Canon has some good features, but the e-shutter in burst only shoots 20fps?, either 1 fps or 20, so really its a 12fps camera max for my use but

Canon RF 15-35 is just too big and the reviews of the 14-35 are mixed(distortion)

Canon RF 100-400 is painfully slow lens and 100-500 is better but tc support is weird

Canon RF 70-200's don't support tc's at all on the 2.8 and f4

So for me all things considered I've stopped thinking about HR sensors and just look at what native focal length's are available, my preferences across any system don't seem to change be it crop or FF;

16-35, preferably 2.8

24-70, preferably 2.8 or a 24-105/120.4

70-200, preferably 2.8 with tc support

200-600, preferably 6.3 max at 600 with tc support

Currently only Sony seems to support my requirements and while I'd prefer a smaller af box option on the Sony af menu too I think it's an area I can still live with. I'd also like a really good 24-120 as I don't seem to like the 24-105.4 so as a compromise and so I have a complete 2.8 system I've decided to add the Tamron 28-75 2.8 g2, its also smaller/lighter than comparable 24-70's too. For primes, I'm not a prime shooter but the Samyang 24 1.8 will provide a nice compliment to the 28-75 and the 45/75 will compliment the 16-35 if I just want to go light and wide or 70-200 if I want to go tele and have a couple of wider options up my sleeve.

Hope the above helps anyone who is looking across systems wondering which way to turn. There is one other thing I really liked on the A1 that nobody seems to mention and that's the new Lr profiles for the Sony color options, they really look good to my eye and they have also been carried over to the A7IV and presumably this is Sony's new color science going forward too.

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