A general/generalist's five cameras

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Re: A general/generalist's five cameras

I am glad that you have your choices of camera sorted for your photographic needs.

I don't do much super zoom. I bought the A1000 to expand my scope, but I ended up hardly using any longer than 300 mm FF equivalent. It is nice to have the extra reach though.

When paired with my CPA, I have very versatile photographic capability in my carry bag. I always carry my SB 400 speed light as well, which is essential for my indoor use.

I don't use my phone for general photography and have no intention to pay over NZ$ 2K for a high end camera phone.

I found even high end camera phones are no match to my CPA, especially when used with the flash. I had a few discussions with my son and daughter-in-law, who are devout iPhone photographers, on this particular subject. I am glad that I was allowed to use my CPA with flash for family photos.

However, when I travel, or take photos in events, like parties, performances of my grandchildren, sports events, I always use my D5600 with the 18-140 and 70-300 lenses. I also carry my Sigma 30 F1.4 for low light indoor and outdoor situations when using flash would not be suitable. The CPA and A1000 will be my backups.

Your logic of lens as separate camera is quite new to me, perhaps you meant devices rather than cameras.

In my situation, one camera, three lenses, and a flash, will meet all my photographic needs.


Both D5600 and A1000 are very good video cameras as well, something not in the criteria of your choice of camera.

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