how much do you care of iso and shutter speed when in A mode?

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Re: how much do you care of iso and shutter speed when in A mode?

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It is all in the title:

How much do you care of iso and shutter speed when in A mode?

As for me I am mostly an A mode user,I rarely I check the shutter speed, mostly I take a look at the iso value that was applied.

You also appear to be shooting in Auto ISO. If available, set the minimum shutter speed to Auto (assuming you have such a setting), as that will apply the 1/(focal length) type rule to your shutter speed. Also, set the maximum ISO to a value you don't want to go beyond.

It is best to look at the ISO value before taking the shot. And if the ISO has maxed out, then look at the shutter speed to see if you are going to risk blurring the shot. In which case, you can select a larger aperture or increase ISO.

This is exactly what I used to do as well until I had a "light bulb" moment and now it doesn't make much sense to me anymore.

The reason being is since you are checking to see if the shutter speed is fast enough to eliminate blur, it implies you know in your head the minimum shutter speed you want.

That is when I thought to myself that I may as well just lock in the shutter speed I want instead of fiddling with ISO or aperture to get the required shutter speed.

That is one of the main reasons I switched from using aperture priority to manual mode as my "go to" mode when hand holding the camera.

With auto ISO, I set the max to where my camera becomes iso-invariant because above that there is no noise penalty when lightening the image in post processing.

I bracket frequently, so I typically shoot Aperture mode with fixed ISO, and my most frequent adjustment is Exposure Compensation (to balance exposure before the bracket).

If the subject is moving, then the camera can't really decide what the exposure should be, so in that case shutter speed should be set manually. If you also want a maximum aperture, then shoot manual and set the aperture. Auto ISO is useful in changing light to keep the images bright enough to view on playback.

Can you please elaborate on what do you mean by the camera being unable deciding on the exposure with a moving subject? I have never observed anything like that. Also why would you set the SS manually, instead of setting the same value for min.SS for auto ISO?

Shutter speed should be increased to avoid blown highlights. I usually adjust initial settings for an ISO of 800, if possible. Then, in the heat of the moment, I don't have to worry too much about blowing highlights.

The shutter speed needs to be set based on how fast the subject moves. Clearly not something the camera ca do.

Ok, I thought you were saying the camera would be somehow confused by the moving subject. I think the camera can easily decide on the shutter speed if the minimum is correctly set.

I set shutter speed manually so I can change it quickly as needed. If I could quickly change min SS, I would likely use that instead. In fact, there was a recent post on the subject.

That's interesting, I thought that min.SS can be assigned to a custom button on newer Panasonic bodies (GH5), isn't that true? I know that it was awkwardly hidden in Olympus menus, is it still the case with new models, like the E-M5 III?

That is correct.  The GH5 was updated to allow minimum shutter speed to be set to a function button.  Completely forgot about it because I still have a GH4 as well and I try to keep operations with those the same.  That just reminds me I need to trade that GH4 in on a second GH5.

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