advices in my quest of getting a new fuji camera

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advices in my quest of getting a new fuji camera


Hope you are all doing fine

So I am still in my quest of searching for the correct camera for me and returning back to Fuji (bye bye Sony).

There is that sentence i have read or heard (probably in a youtube review of some sort) that runs in my head for days now. "the best camera is the camera you have on you".

My A7C does not offer this really. It's a nice camera, but I don't find much joy using it really. It's a little on the big side. It's not that big but a little to big for me to use it in a day to day situation. it's really fine when I have more specific shoots (portraits, hip hop festival).

Bon so voilà, so I am looking for a camera I can use day to day and also for shoots. I am not a professional, but sometimes I do have photographic jobs. I also do like to print some of my work. 
I mainly do street, portraits, a little of architecture, Hip-hop/dance festivals.

I will for sure go either for the X100V or the X-E4. Here is where my questions comes:

1. Could you consider the X100V a good camera for street (guess yes ), and also portraits, either environmental or more standard portrait using the TCL?

2. X100v. Do I gain more seperation with the TCL? I am not looking for a bokeh monster camera, but at least decent bokeh and pop.

3. How would you compare the 23mm F2 (X100V) and the standard 23mm F2R? Same image quality? Guess the 23mm F1.4 is a little beter in character and IQ ( from what I read).

4. I had the x100F years ago, I know the lens has been updated and is better when shooting close-ups, but what about at normal distances? Is it any better or the same?

5. I need a small compact lens for day to day photography, so I can put my camera in pouch/bag. But I already have a thread for this one. + Idealy I would add a wide angle lens 16 or 18mm, and 50ish mm lens. And perhaps a 23mm or 33/35mm lens. Those lens would only be used in certain situations.

6. What lenses would potentially work well with the next gen of fuji cameras coming out in 2022 and 2023?

6. Has anyone tried the following lenses.
M mount Voigtlander 28mm F2 ultron (or 35mm) on a fuji body?
X mount 35mm F1.2? I have read that some people were quite disapointed with this lens?


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