Looking at a 100mm 2.8 Macro. Which one?

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Looking at a 100mm 2.8 Macro. Which one?

Hi All,

Looking at picking up either one of the 100mm L Macro lenses.

Obviously, the RF version would be nice, but the way I shoot, I honestly couldn't be bothered to fine tuning the focus every time shooting narrower apertures to account for the focus shift.

I am therefore considering picking up a used EF 100m L. It's both cheaper and gets me a macro lens thats similar in weight and size to the RF 100mm and avoids the focus shift problem entirely. I'm not a big prime lens fan outside of the RF 35 and 50, and I think 100mm is too narrow to be on my camera on a regular basis. I didn't like the 50mm when I was using it on an APSC camera, so I feel that 80-85 is already too narrow for me.

Any drawbacks with this lens, however? I have read that the AF isn't exactly the fastest, but I guess this is true on most macro lenses.

Based on my criteria, does this seem like the right choice?

If ever I do ever have a bit of spare cash, I'm currently leaning towards the EF L at this point.

My only macro at this point is the RF 35mm, which I find too wide for some of the things I want to shoot (bugs? hehe). I currently have no experience in shooting macro and have been shooting casually.

Thanks and happy shooting!

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