Two weeks with the 18mm f/1.4

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Two weeks with the 18mm f/1.4

Two weeks ago, after getting advice from this forum, I picked the 18mm f/1.4. I was lucky; when I went to pick it up, it was the last one they had in stock. I had the opportunity to 'play' with it in Barcelona and a bit more when I got back home.

Unfortunately, due to work —exam period, i.e. marking 100s of students— I still haven't imported most of my photos from the trip. Still, I thought to take a break from marking and post some that I processed on the plane and share my early thoughts with the lens.


-The focal length is so flexible! It can be used for most things. I have used the lens for urban/street, environmental portraits, shots of dogs, and even landscapes (including auroras).

-The lens is sharp at the center even wide open! I still need to test the corners.

-At f/1.4, albeit its 'wide' focal length, this lens will give you great bokeh.

-The aperture ring could have been a bit stiffer. It simply does not give you the same 'confidence' as e.g. the 90mm does.

-There is a bit of vignetting at f/1.4 (goes away by f/1.8). This might be a pro, depending on your use.

My aim was to capture the inscription on the wall while blurring the background. Yet, I was surprised afterward how thin the DoF is at f/1.4 with this lens. I guess, it is time to 'retrain' myself into using fast wide primes.

The following four are from Sweden. The first two were taken while walking the dog at sunrise (yes, sunrise here is at 9am!). The other two just last night.

First northern lights in 2022. I was about to walk the dog for her night walk, when I saw that there might be auroras. I took the 18mm with my PD tripod. I forgot 'Classic Neg' on, but I ended up liking the colours.

When I get around processing this, I may darken the sky to bring out the aurora. Still, I am happy with this quick shot.

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