S5 C-AF griefing + Panasonic 16-35mm manual focus noise

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mcantsin Regular Member • Posts: 104
Re: S5 C-AF griefing + Panasonic 16-35mm manual focus noise

The sad reality is that C-AF isn't usable for video shooting - especially not if you can't afford having to throw away footage in the edit which seemed to look good in-camera.

There have been endless attempts to "fix" Panasonic's tracking C-AF through tweaking the settings (which aren't very elaborate for video anyway), and I've seen nobody succeed.

The reality is that you have to manually focus. And the other sad reality is that the S5 (and other Panasonic cameras) can't do focus magnification while recording video. So you will need an external monitor with focus magnification. And sadly, the S5 only has a micro HDMI port which will break sooner or later if you're using the camera regularly with an external monitor...

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