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Hi guys,

I wanted to say something, specially here in the Sony forum, why?  One of the reasons is that Sony has shown that they are one of the leaders, if not THE leader in this existing mirrorless camera world, so I hope that they listen as well as other camera manufacturers.

I know mirrorless camera technology in a way is still a "baby" but let me say something regarding EVF.  We need THE best possible EVF.  The reason is very simple:  We use our eyes to look thru this thing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time.  No matter how cheap or expensive the camera is or what features it has or how crippled it is when it comes to features, The EVF has to be the best (no matter what).  No camera manufacturer should give us anything less because of price.  The best of the best EVF should be in every mirrorless camera whether one uses it as a hobby or professionally.  Otherwise what's the point?  Okay, at least in any camera above $1000

Many people have left the OVF and DSLR, but not everyone.  One of those reasons is the EVF, and I can totally understand why now.  Recently I had that really bad experience with the refresh rate issue because the EVF was set to low.  But, I will say that even after setting that to HIGH refresh mode, I can still tell that the EVF in the Sony A7IV is not the best, and I have no scientific evidence at this point but I get the feeling that there is a chance that I will have vision and headache problems after shooting long periods of time with a camera such as the A7IV that I have been looking at recently.  I mean, we use these cameras for long working hours doing out jobs taking photos of all kinds indoor and outdoor.  A so so EVF is no good, IMHO.

So, I hope that Sony and others seriously consider this issue because number one, we are in the year 2022, also it is a health issue, and is really hard to do our job if our eyes are getting irritated or feel exhausted or dizzy.  That's just NOT good.

Thank you.

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