Not Too Happy With Viltrox 56 1.4

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Not Too Happy With Viltrox 56 1.4

I purchased this lens mainly because a lot of people raved about it saying "it is fast", "it is tack sharp".

At 1.4 it my copy is not tack sharp. After being here for many years I know and have learned that when people say stuff like that is mostly all subjective. Some reviewers, mainly in Youtube say that "i don't get pay a dime for reviewing this lens" but sometimes I just don't believe them, so for that reason I sometimes like to try things on my own.

So, based on what I'm getting, I don't feel this lens is "fast". The AF is good, the lens actually auto focuses in low light very well, but the AF is not fast or snappy, IMHO. Having said that, are there any of you that exchanged this lens for another copy and got a sharper lens at f 1.4?

My old Sigma 85 1.4 HSM on my D4 is sharper at 1.4 than this Viltrox on the XT3 at 1.4. This is exactly why I'm not letting go of FF. Is just not the same thing and those Sigma lenses are really hard to beat. I don't think the Viltrox copy I got is very bad, but I definitely would not call it "tack sharp". My Fuji 35 1.4 is indeed tack sharp. This Viltrox reminds me of the Rokinon manual focus 85 1.4 I used to have years ago.

IMHO, Fuji still has work to do and till this day I don't see any lens replacement for a 85mm 1.4 on a FF. Is just not the same thing. The 90mm is too tight for me, the new 50 f1 is a speciality and slow over priced lens as well that can't be compared to what a Sigma does on FF.

Fuji should come up with a fast snappy and sharp lens like my Nikon 50 1.8 AF-S G. This sucker always impresses me. Always. It is fast, dependable, light, and sharp. Fuji should make something like that with a fantastic bokeh in a 65mm 1.4 or something around that range because this "56mm equivalent to 85mm simply doesn't cut it.

Until Fuji comes out with such formula only then I will leave FF.

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