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RobPNth wrote:

faunagraphy wrote:

I recently made an impulse purchase of a used Olympus MAL-1 macro arm light. I had been coveting one since my E-PL3 days and had somehow forgotten about it. When it arrived, I realized that it's one of those accessories that requires an accessory port on the camera body.

Other such accessories include the VF-2, VF-4, and flashes like the FL-LM1/2.

Is there a way to use this with my E-M1ii? Using a hot shoe adapter, for instance. Or a separate power source?

Currently, my only compatible in-use bodies are an infrared E-M5 and an E-PL6 that I use with underwater housing.

Not that I know of. These accessories will work with an E-M1 (Mk I) but not the MkII.

Correct. No official way to adapt the side port accessories to newer models. Think they dropped the port 2016ish, maybe the E-PL8 was the last camera to have it? No 20MP models.


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