Handheld starlight mode in E-M10 iii

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Re: The little elves do all the work

Henry Falkner wrote:

Humansvillian wrote:

allematic wrote:

Is one able to freely set aperture, shutter speed and ISO in this mode or there are constraints?

I suppose hand held starlight in the M10 series is exactly like the M5.2.

There are little elves inside your Olympus that magically allow you to make impossible shots in the dead of night.

They won’t allow any interference.

Enjoy the show.

On my pocket zoom this was a multiple exposure mode, and I was unable to hold the camera steady for all of them.

On my E-M10s (II and IV) I have now set maximum ISO 12800, which gives me an exposure time for night city scenes I can hold steady, even at 300mm.

So I have never even looked at the hand-held star-light modes on my E-M10s.


This was my reply to a similar question 3 weeks ago.

This photo was taken using that mode.

Olympus Starlight Scene Mode

View: original size

What is interesting is that during the 8 exposures, the lights changed and the van moved through the intersection. I saw that movement in the viewfinder. The movement was ignored in the final composite image.

I tried to replicate this mode on my EP5 using the burst feature and combining the images but it did not work.

So, this may solve your hand-holding problem.


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