Weak parts of Oly E-P5?

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Re: Batteries and chargers.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Asla wrote:


Thank you to everyone!

Just got my E-P5 into my hands. It is in very good shape, no scratches anywhere. Rolls turn smoothly and accurate. Four way coltloller has a little bit clap, but works fine. Battery is dated 2015, which iplicates my copy is not from oldests batches...

A s l a

Sounds like a good one, someone has taken care of it.

Just about always with batteries I found Olympus seems to supply a 2 year old battery when I buy it, in fact the spares I bought after the camera were older than the one that came with the camera.

I label them all with the date bought and also an a/b/c/d letter to better manage cycling.

The OEM charger only really works with OEM batteries, if you buy clone batteries then you must buy a clone charger for the clones.

The OEM battery in the OEM charger takes the battery to something like 8.6 volts.

The clone battery in the clone charger takes the battery to the usual standard 8.4 volts.

The clone battery in the OEM charger is recognised as a clone and is seriously under-charged.

The OEM battery in the clone charger works fine but again only will charge to 8.4V, which actually is an advantage, maybe less shots per charge but batteries live longer with a gentler charge cycle.

For travel I found on eBay a USB powered charger that charges the OEM to 8.4V, it works fine. At home then I may use the OEM charger to get the full 8.6V from time to time. Just Google search for "ebay bln-1 usb charger" to find a few variations. The dual battery chargers will need a minimum 2.2A USB supply. They usually are slow gentle chargers as they (mostly or all) do not monitor the battery temperature. Slow charge is good.

[edit: when I posted this I saw your reply that happened while I was typing, so it may seem a case of teaching grannie to suck eggs, but it may help someone out there]

I had clone batteries that were chipped for the Olympus charger. They worked fine and charged up to the 8.6 volts. So, they are out there.

unfortunately, I no longer have them and I can't remember the name.


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