IBIS when using unstabilized lenses

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Re: IBIS when using unstabilized lenses

patticake wrote:

alcelc wrote:

patticake wrote:

i never even thought of testing stabilization by slowing the shutter speed step by step.

i used to have a kit-lens quality panny 45-200 i used on my GF1 and G3 cameras, and the lens stabilization worked surprisingly well.

You might have a more torlance standard.

I had long time doubt on 45~200 throughout the period from G1 (when I bought 45~200), GF3 and GX1. Specially on GX1, despite at its sweetest spot (f/7.1~8), I still couldn't get the required sharp output (SOOC) consistently. I blamed my poor handling skill, sometimes my poor physical condition.

Later while Panny users started to discuss on shutter shock was not only happened to the IBIS of OMDS, due to the over sensitive lens OIS component of some lenses which would react to noisy M-shutter, shutter shock actually happened to Panny non IBIS bodies. Many comment on this lens but until I got GX7 which has e-shutter, I finally confirm 45~200 (at least true to my copy) should be another shutter shock magnet after 14~42PZ.

Is G3 M-shutter only?

i haven't owned my G3 for years. sometimes it got out of focus pics using the 45-200, and those could have been shutter shock, i suppose. but while the lens wasn't one of the best when it comes to IQ, many of my pics with it were sharp.

I find that my copy of the 45-200 is quite sharp - when I use it on my EM5II with IBIS and EFC or ES. A lot of people put this lens down because of performance issues when used with non EFC or ES bodies.

are shutter speeds a contributing factor when it comes to shutter shock?

Yes, with non EFC or ES bodies.


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