I Guess It's Official, Z9 Is One of the Top 3 Dogs

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Link to the jpegs

rhlpetrus wrote:

Jeff_0000 wrote:

Z9 has more out of focus images than the R3 and A1.

Is this a complete sequence, no missing frames? Even if so, I think such a test requires some repetition to really have statistical meaning, and, moreover, there are different AF modes to test. Another variable is lighting, will all perform similarly under, say, artificial indoors lighting, a likely use for these cameras in sports and other activities?

Finally, user ability and familiarity with camera will also make a difference. I think there are too many variables at play for someone to take this test as some verdict on these cameras, lets wait for some other testing examples.

But the bar has been set very high by these cameras, DSLRs are really becoming obsolete re AF and fps rates.

Here is the link JP supplied to download those jpegs:


Quite a big download (nearly 4Gb compressed into 2 ZIP files), worth a look though.

My impression is that all 3 cameras overall did extremely well with this AF test.

edit:  After having had a much closer look through all the files I'm going to modify that statement - all 3 cameras did quite well, but all 3 were less than perfect!   I rate the A1 the best overall for AF consistency in this particular set, Canon R3 2nd and the Z9 3rd. The Canon R3 seems to be doing "face" AF much of the time and missing true eye AF.  The A1 also misses true eye AF in many of the shots.  The Z9 seems more hit and miss but sometimes nails perfect eye AF.  The best 2 shots of the lot for perfect eye AF seemed to be the very last 2 Z9 shots..

It looks like he was positioned much more to the left of the Z9 (when he got very close) and right at the end, for a very few frames, the Z9 loses accurate focus (then nails it perfectly for the last 2 shots).  Curiously that part of the sequence at the very end appears to have been cut from both the R3 and A1 sets which is odd.

edit, further analysis:  Each camera sequence is slightly different:

The R3 sequence consists of 74 frames (numbered 6315 to 6389) taken in 2.47 seconds.  The A1 sequence consists of 77 frames (numbered 2845 to 2922) taken in 2.56 seconds

The Z9 sequence consists of 92 frames of which the first 3 are a false start, the continuous sequence is of 89 frames (numbered 5879 to 5968) taken in 2.97 seconds.

All 3 cameras are achieving almost perfect 30 frames per second.

Make of it all what you will!


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