Mavic 3 or 2 pro?

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Re: Mavic 3 or 2 pro?

Just how important is the camera?  What sort of specifications are required there?

I'm a beginner, with a Mini2 less than a year old.   In terms of flying, this was a very easy drone to fly.  I suspect all the DJI drones are pretty easy.  That said, the Mini2 has some advantages and disadvantages compared to bigger drones like the Mavic3 and Pro2.

Disadvantages (in flying) are lighter weight (not as good against wind - this might be critical to your application if it is to be done in very windy areas.) and no collision avoidance sensors.   If you are not flying around trees and walls, like basically just go up and look down on your subjects, you don't really need obstacle avoidance, but it's always nice to have.  I've crashed my Mini2 into a tree when I was flying it backwards but just looking at the display instead of up at the drone.

Advantages (in flying) are related to 250g and the less need for training and certification.

But the cameras can really vary.  My Mini2 camera is basically a 4k cell phone camera, and while it does OK on video, the still images really .... look like cell phone images. (I shoot a Nikon D850 otherwise, so I'm spoiled.)

Consider the camera very carefully indeed.  My Mini2 even has a fixed aperture, so I have to use Neutral Density filters when shooting video to keep the fps down.  (Slow frame rate may not matter to your application though.)   If you need to shoot in low light, even more to consider.

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