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What do you guys think of the upcoming M11?

I may sound like a heretic, but I don't think that a traditional optical rangefinder offers enough precision to reliably focus for 60MP resolution, not even at small apertures like f8.

On top of that, 60MP don't make much sense for a handheld camera without in-body-stabilisation, unless you shoot high shutter speeds.

I would have preferred to see a 24MP sensor - then with less noise - in such a camera. Otherwise, you will really need an add-on electronic viewfinder (with 1:1 magnification focus assist) and, realistically, a tripod, to make proper use of the camera's resolution.

(And before you criticize me, please consider that any picture taken with this camera that isn't tack sharp at 1:1 pixel magnification will effectively not have 60MP optical resolution, but could just as well have been taken with a lower-resolution sensor.)

- Oh yeah, I watched Kai Wong's prematurely leaked video on the M11. That's why I know that the camera has 60MP.

I fully agree with you. 60MP is medium format territory and needs the latest and greatest of IS systems to go with. Even super performance mirrorless cameras using state of the art AF technologies are suffering from high MPs.

All images we've seen so far are almost point and shoot pictures that says nothing about the camera's capabilities.

An almost 10K system deserves to be put to it's paces by top photographers using it in high end photography projects. Look at PhaseOne and Hasselblad as an example.

I wonder if Leica is targeting rich tourists now as potential clients to it's M system.

I actually don’t think IS is required. Also, a rangefinder system should be accurate enough, even for 60MP.

After seeing scans from a Fujifilm GW690, I have no doubt that pin-point focus can be achieved at high resolutions.

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