How do you photograph snow with Fujifilm cameras ?

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How do you photograph snow with Fujifilm cameras ?

I have had some interesting discussions with some other amateurs and there are quite many different ways to take photographs of snow - or landscapes when there is more or less snow.

Some people never use anything else but evaluative metering , AV mode and auto ISO ... some are all the time looking at the histogram in various ways. Many various ways to use exposure compensation and some just shoot RAW and post process at home.

I do not know if there is anything very special in Fuji gear, but how is it with photographers in this forum ?  Is it just important to get right gear and be happy. Good camera does everything - even thinks.

I read some Canon R5 user say , that his camera has surely a perfect evaluative metering system and there is no need to adjust anything when there is snow around  ... 5000€ camera+2000€ lens  in the hands of a photographer who his gear and wallet


I have tried many ways to take photographs in the winter since 1968 - and it has been difficult to find the absolutely best method to get a perfect (or even good) exposures.

Now i have finally seen the light, i hope.   At the moment the best method  with my X-H1 - or any other camera - is IMO quite simple:

Never again evaluative metering when thee is snow because a camera can not think very much  and it does not understand snow .... best method is to use  the camera like this:

1 ) MANUAL  settings (adjusting aperture, ISO and speed manually with the help of the light meter) - before i start to take photos. NO auto ISO

But what is the perfect area to take a metering from ? Where is the thing i should measure to get the perfect exposure when there is bright snow. A grey card in the pocket ? Snow should be white with some details , but not blown out ...

2) SNOW is white and i take metering from snow to get it (exposure) right - how?

3) now  i use SPOT METERING  so that there is only white bright snow in that spot - and what should is see when i look at the meter ? The meter assumes there is something grey  and suggests some  very "wise" values

4) i want to see  +2EV  or +2,3 EV if i want the snow looking white and not grey.

Measuring the amount of light reflected from the white snow tells quite exactly how much there is light all over me coming from the sky - and with that info i can get the right  numbers  (speed and f value) i can use all the time if the light stays the same . Snow and everything else will look good and true.

As we all know this is old knowledge  ! i really did not invent this - the amount of light says what the right exposure is. Light meters for photographers  were invented a long time ago.

Evaluative metering changes everything all the time when you compose or recompose and it suggests an exposure assuming something without any understanding. Perhaps we understand more.

Using the right = the same exposure in every picture is very helpful

Metering first from the snow (spot metering) and +2EV  - it could be even + 2,3

Evaluative metering made the decision  here ... snow is grey and the trees too dark, perhaps the sky is OK

Of course i will use evaluative metering and AV mode ( i set f value and camera sets speed), but only when i shoot something else.

Any other great visions of photographing snow ? What is your best way ?

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