APS-C Cameras similar like compact ones are getting overtaken by smartphone flagships + GCAM

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Re: point/shoot cameras like RX100 could be obsolete

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in a few years. Phones like Xiaomi and Huawei will outsell RX100s in Asia if it hasn't already. You will see sales of RX100 type cameras dwindle.

They probably outsell the Sony now. That said, a smartphone is worthless for wildlife, birding, fast action, or any situation where one needs longer reach. They have a place, but that place is limited.

Not wishing to get into an argument, but I think wildlife, birding and fast action photography represent a tiny proportion of the photographs taken every day.

True, but everyone seems to enjoy the process of capturing wildilfe photos, so the question is do most people simply enjoy the process or do they really want a good quality image. I'd say most people are happy with what smarpthones( with tele) can give them and wouldnt bother bringing a dedicated camera and having to crop/retouch in post.

Phone cameras certainly have a place but it isn’t quite as limited as you imply!

Its a personal thing. I personally feel very limited by phones in my photographic creativity. But its perfectly fine in documenting daily life, and thats what most people do anyway (nothing wrong with that).

I haven’t used my RX100 since I got my iPhone.

Many others that i know too have gone 100% phone in the last 5years, and gained better quality images in the process (because they used ooc jpg only).

Still my (camera) photos stand out when we have family gatherings. Thats 10% because i know what i'm doing, 50% because i have the (costly) gear that can handle the situations and 40% because i process from RAW to create pleasing images (that still look more realistic than phone images).

But its a time/money consuming hobby that most people dont want to dedicate time/effort to. Often because they're happy with the image quality on their tiny screens. But if i look at the images shot on iphones on my 27" 4K monitor quality is hardly bearable. But who cares but me? .

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