Z9 a real flagship to the Canon R3 or R1?

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Re: Z9 a real flagship to the Canon R3 or R1?

tvstaff wrote:

Raymond Cho wrote:

I think Canon has mentioned there will be a R1 as well. With the 2024 Summer Olympics still to come. Is the Z9 the competitor to the R3 or R1?


With the stills I've seen, the Z9 IQ is better than the R3 and 1DXMKIII.

Question now is will Canon knowing what the Z9 is be able to produce better IQ than the Z9?

In my opinion the Z9 do certainly NOT have better image quality than R3. When viewing full scale I can not see any difference. Other than higher MP and enhanced ability to crop - I find it very doubtful than the Z9 is able to produce better image quality than R3. In fact, due to faster FPS, I think the R3 is able to produce more keepers when shooting fast action.

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