Monitor upgrade? (27" IPS 2K)-->(32" VA 4K)

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Monitor upgrade? (27" IPS 2K)-->(32" VA 4K)

I spend a lot of hours in Lightroom and i kinda decided to upgrade my monitor from this one

To this one

But am i doing a mistake?

Rtings give my new monitor a not so good rating but i don't think they are fair.
I mean i don't care about ergonomics, i can put a book under it, and i think the black uniformity is pretty good for a VA monitor because it has no flash lighting like so many other VA monitors.I know VA monitors aren't supposed to be better than PLA(IPS) like my old monitor is because of the viewing angles but i have never owned a VA monitor and i am intrigued by VA high contrast ratio. Also my new monitor's pre calibration status and sdr color gamut look pretty decent. I mean i can use my eyes to accurate calibrate the greys but other than that i don't have a calibration tool.

Other issues there are to consider other than my new monitor is VA and the old PLS(IPS) is that my old one has a much better stand which i am not terrible concerned about and it's also brighter that i am also not concerned about since i run it on 14% brightness.
Also my new monitor has PWM flicker if run at 30 or less brightness but I'll probably be able to run it at 31% since it's not as bright as the old one.

Another think i am concerned about is that the new monitor is a 4k one and my GPU is the GTX 1060 so not top of the line and i don't know if the sliders in lightroom will be as smooth as they were on my old 2k monitor.

What do you think?

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