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mcantsin wrote:

Swordman wrote:

What do you guys think of the upcoming M11?

I may sound like a heretic, but I don't think that a traditional optical rangefinder offers enough precision to reliably focus for 60MP resolution, not even at small apertures like f8.

On top of that, 60MP don't make much sense for a handheld camera without in-body-stabilisation, unless you shoot high shutter speeds.

I would have preferred to see a 24MP sensor - then with less noise - in such a camera. Otherwise, you will really need an add-on electronic viewfinder (with 1:1 magnification focus assist) and, realistically, a tripod, to make proper use of the camera's resolution.

(And before you criticize me, please consider that any picture taken with this camera that isn't tack sharp at 1:1 pixel magnification will effectively not have 60MP optical resolution, but could just as well have been taken with a lower-resolution sensor.)

- Oh yeah, I watched Kai Wong's prematurely leaked video on the M11. That's why I know that the camera has 60MP.

How come we were able to focus reliably with 41MP (M10-R), but not with 60MP? It is only 21% more in linear dimension.

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