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VfxByArt wrote:

I never use %DRxxx mode on my Fujis (and similar settings on Nikons), and I do not recommend it for raw shooting.

Why? part of DR 400' feature is that the underexposing of highlights and gaining up of midtones and blacks happens BEFORE the D to A conversion RW. Resulting in this gag working in RAW too!

What D to A conversion? DR400 is the same as underexposing by two stops (using ISO two stops lower) and lifting the mid and shadows in the post.

Rico Pfirstinger recently described a somewhat helpful scenario where using %DRxxx helps keep the EVF and final image bright enough to evaluate the scene when heavily 'underexposing' to preserve highlights.

Uh, no. Fuji has specific feature called exposure simulation on/off to do that that DOES NOT affect your final image.

Altering an image recording mode so you can see better... again, fuji has the exposure simulator.

Turning simulation off invalidates histogram and blinkies, preventing optimal exposure.

I prefer to have more control over what my camera is doing. However, it can be helpful in JPGs.

With DR 400 I have very specific control of what my camera is doing, and it immediately shows up on my jpg as a correctly expose image.

"Exposing for highlights", giving you dark and useless OOC JPG AND adding that extra step to EACH IMAGE , i.e. bring up the shadow, bringing down the highlights. Make sense to have the computer in the camera doing it at ingest rather than AFTER in post to EACH image.

The point of Leica is to offer only the most essential functionality. IMO, the shorter the manual, the better designed a system is.

Agreed. But its an underwhelming street digital camera because of its tendency to blow out highlights. Shoot in noon sun, the hi lights in their face clips. Shoot someone against a white wall, but expose for them, bye bye detail in wall.

I spontaneously shot a friend outside but still had the camera at 1600 from the night before Photo was 2.5 stops above. I took the fuji file and converted it both in DR400 mode and DR100. You can change it after the fact assuming you shot at iso 640 or higher. The dr 100 image wa blown out, unrecoverable. The same image but converted to DR 400 was not just salvageable. but looked normal minus 2.5 stop!

What is hyper resolution?

IMHO anything over 30mp

How does 25MP allow for "dynamic range extension"?

25 mp allow for larger photo sensitive sensors than larger sensors. Means less noise too,

That is not correct. Smaller pixels help with noise at pixel level only, but not at the output level.

The higher the EVF resolution, the more power it draws.

Yup, that is the mirrorless way

The rumored +3k EVF resolution is a good compromise, though I find the resolution a less critical component in EVF quality (refresh rate, contrast, colors, no flickering are more important).

3K evf is so 2018. 5K should be the norm. variable scan rate will save battery.

What is digital rot in the context of keeping the removable bottom plate?

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