Olympus ORF raw thumbnails in windows 10 File Explorer

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Allan Brown
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Re: Olympus ORF raw thumbnails in windows 10 File Explorer

Sean Nelson wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

I also have this problem with my "graphics" computer. My other computer shows them.

Both have the latest version of win 10 and the Raw Image Extension - I do have the latest 2022 version installed. The problem also existed with a 2021 version.

Between the two computers, the settings are the same as far as I can tell and I have compared them repeatedly and I do not see any obvious differences.

Cameras often come with a software disk that contains utilities to download and edit photos, and they often also install Windows Explorer extensions so that it can recognize the camera's proprietary file format. That's the first place I'd start.

Yes, that software is installed on both computers.


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