IBIS when using unstabilized lenses

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Allan Brown
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No, all native "automatic" lenses are treated the same.

patticake wrote:

Bassam Guy wrote:

FYI: whichever camera you choose and you're using a non-MFT lens, you'll need to set its focal length from the menu. If you don't, IBIS will not work correctly, as it cannot calculate properly without knowing the lens focal length.

but would one need to set focal length if you use a panasonic lens on an olympus?

No, all native "automatic" lenses (with contacts) are treated the same.

My EM5II IBIS works the same with Olympus, Panasonic and Sigma lenses.

I also have shaky hands and, for me, the EM5II IBIS works very well with my older 1970s Nikon F mount lenses.


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