Canon 5DSr vs Oly Tripod HiRes

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Re: Canon 5DSr vs Oly Tripod HiRes

say_doyster wrote:

This is not a direct one to one comparison, but I have the 5Ds and the G9. The kind of shooting I do where the two systems go head to head is primarily non-moving items shot in the studio. The size of the items ranges from jewelry on the smaller end to automotive on the larger.

I find the HR (multishot) on the Lumix to edge out the 50MP of the Canon in most cases. I often use the 90mm TSE lens on both cameras, but rarely with identical subjects, though I use them together when I have two sets going. I love the Canon for a variety of reasons, but would pick up the G9 first in most circumstances where resolution is the most important requirement.

Since I rarely shoot with flash anymore (all higher end LED from Arri, Luxli and Litepanels), the HR mode in the Lumix only starts to degrade at longer exposures (hot pixels show up when I am shooting a lot of shots because of heat). The Canon does not have this problem in my circumstances.

The display interface (I shoot to a 42" monitor) from the Lumix (live view feed is UHD quality) is light years ahead of the Canon (not even 1080P output). So working with the Lumix is a far better experience that shows far better detail. Note that when reviewing the shots, the Canon is still at a significant disadvantage because the antiquated display output). Yes, I could hook it up to Canons capture software, but the Lumix just performs better without the need for any software interface (though Lumix Tether does exist).

As far as image quality, I give the nod to the Lumix in HR over the Canon (though the Canon is very good). In so many circumstances (likely relating to the debayer process) the Lumix just retains far more fine detail and better color (especially in fabrics).

Where the Canon shines is in capturing everything in one exposure, so if it is required that motion needs to be rendered with a degree of accuracy the Canon is the better choice.

As far as walking around, I still prefer the 20MP of the Lumix because of the incredible portability and light weight compared to the Canon. But if resolution becomes the deciding factor in this type of situation, then the Canon gets the nod.

Having been a Canon shooter for more than 20 years (and liking the color science) I have found the Lumix to be just as good (and even better in a number or cases) and never a hindrance. I love the G9 - just wish it had live composite. But will not give up the 5Ds either - but would not buy another one, though I too have been eyeing a back-up in the 5Dsr. YMMV I am also eyeing an Olympus EM1 III, but am in a holding pattern for the GH6 and/or the WOW camera. I am totally sold on M4/3 because of the incredible adaptability for optics and other add-ons.


Both shots below taken with the G9 and the Canon TSE90mm - more than a 50% crop on both.

It's interesting that the G9's 80MP HiRes mode shows significantly higher res than than the E-M1-III's and 5DS - primarily due to extensive moire in the Oly, and 80 vs. 50 MP in the Canon - better seen in the JPG's showing Oly's wider radius over-sharpening w/ halos also. From the DPRev widget comp:

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