24-70 2.8 S… is it worth it?

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Re: 24-70 2.8 S… is it worth it?

svOwl wrote:

+ In a dim nightclub, or in a workshop doing environmental portraits, you will get an extra stop of light with the f2.8 vs the f4.

+ There will be shallower depth of field. At 15', for 50mm DOF is 4'7" at f2.8 and 6'8" at f4.

- f2.8 lens maximum magnification is 0.22x vs f4 is 0.3x.

- Length of f2.8 is 5" vs 3.5"

- Weight is 28.4 oz vs 17.4 oz.

- Price of f2.8 is US2300 vs US$1000.

I agree. I wouldn't pick one over the other for optical performance (the 2.8 is generally better, but I don't think enough to justify either the extra cost or size and weight--for me).

I've had both and now only have the f/2.8 as I wanted the extra stop more than the lower weight and smaller size. But it is quite a bit larger, heavier, and more expensive.

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