Brief thoughts on the S1R

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Re: Brief thoughts on the S1R

foto_gutt wrote:

Hi George,

I only shoot RAW, but I suppose you're saying then that shooting RAW+JPG solves the 100% view problem? Is it necessary to shoot large JPGs or would medium/small ones suffice?

I've mostly used the Sigma 45 and 65mm lenses, and found the IBIS to be a bit inconsistent on both. I've been shooting the 45 alongside my GR IIIx on a couple of occasions and have had better luck with the GR IBIS, which was unexpected.

Something to keep in mind with the traditional 1/SS rule for sharp images is that as cameras get higher and higher resolutions, this rule starts to become less effective. IBIS does a huge job at minimizing or compensating this. The "stop" effectiveness IS based off that initial rule, but higher resolution cameras are more susceptible to slight shake due to the higher pixel density recording much finer detail.

IBIS isn't a silver bullet for stable images in ANY system, but I've found that using the IS Status Scope helps me settle back into a steady shooting mindset when jump between using my S5 and S1R when I can't use Dual IS.

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