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Hi Everyone! I'm looking into getting an S5+20-60mm. I will be my first FF and first Lumix. Thing is I have tons of vintage lenses that I love using on my current crop mirrorless, and my hesitation is that as far as I can see, there are a lot less adapters around, specifically in Europe where I live. If anyone can give me some pointers about where I can find some, I would really appreciate it. I am looking to get L mount adapters for M42/Pentax K/ Konica AR / Contax/Yashica (C/Y) / Olympus OM and Minolta MD

The best inexpensive adapters I have come across in years of shooting adapted lenses is Fotasy. Usually under $20, cant go wrong for the price. I have ordered many of these over the last year and they all work fine.

For $50 to $100 I would recommend Shoten if you can find them. I have ordered two from China in the last couple of months and they are stupidly well made and look great. I have the ones with the indented ridges around the circumference.

In the over $100 range I recommend Metabones or Kipon. I own multiples of both, and they dont disappoint.

I cannot recommend Gobe/Urth. I ordered one and it didnt fit right on the camera. They replaced it, but that one has a bad fit as well.

Thanks for the info / expensive.

Have you found any Helicoid adapters for l mount?

I have one Urth / Gobe adapter and the fit is fine. But it's twice the cost of a Fotasy adapter. Unfortunately Fotasy doesn't make an adapter for the particular lens mount I want to use.
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I made my recommendation of RJ elsewhere I failed to mention that RJ is a much larger firm than its branded output might imply. They don’t brand much of their output other than what they directly sell themselves. For all I know there are many rebranders that sell adapter product made by others this is more easily seen with electronic adapters where Commlite, Jintu, Andoer, and others seems to only differ externally by the final finish (smooth or crackle-black anyone?) - even the boxes they are delivered in are very similar.

I believe that many of the cheaper adapters coming from China suffer from the rebranding you mention. There is probably a single factory cranking out the same adapter for several 'brands'. Some of them are simply no name adapters, or sold by Haoge, Weidon, Roxen and others of that ilk. Sometimes the adapters are identical, or with minor cosmetic changes.

Then I think (dont quote me on this) that there are other brands which have the factory make adapters exclusively for them. They dont purchase the run of the mill adapter, but rather have some type of input on the design. I think (again, speculation) that Fotasy and maybe a couple of others do this. Probably K&F as well, along with possibly Fotodiox and others. These brands might give a little more care to quality control, which is why after multiple orders of Fotasy adapters I have never received a bad one. Which, given the price point, is impressive.

After this you have companies like Metabones and Kipon who are head and shoulders above other adapter companies. They are clearly, to some degree, designing (and possibly even producing) adapters that have their own unique look and design. Metabones collaborated with noted lens designer Brian Caldwell on the first Speedboosters to come to market for mirrorless. They also have a comprehensive line of well made and unique adapters and focal reducers.

Kipon is part of Shanghai Transvision Photographic Equipment Co., and according to their website have manufactured over 720 unique adapters (including focal reducers) and 6 different lenses.

Then there is Novoflex, very expensive adapters made in Germany.

I must say that one brand which has impressed me recently is Shoten. I have ordered two of their adapters, priced a little over 50 bucks each thru the auction site (coming directly from China), and have been very pleased with them. Turns out they are the 'house' brand of the Japanese home market photo equipment importer Shotenkobo. You can get a little info on them here, translatable if you use Chrome.

I really like the unique look of the ridges around their adapters. It can give a more uniform look to a camera with an adapted lens. Instead of looking just like an out of place, flat tube it can really blend in with the design of many old lenses. It also gives a bit more grip when fingers contact the adapter. They really are nicely executed.

But in the end oem, or rebranded, it is the brand the develops the reputation with the consumer than might succeed.

One day it might excite words of wisdom from such sleuths who know the manufacture of the various lenses sold under the Vivitar brand name - at least the present day ones have serial numbers to assist them.

Outside China we truly like our branding ….. I see this is important for any firm that firm that makes great product and wishes to succeed.

So how do you know it is RJ? Only if you buy it direct from them … recommendation is almost impossible.

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