Canon G620 (G550/G650/G620) printer: disappointed with the resolution

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Re: G620 specification

BobKnDP wrote:

pulsar123 wrote:

I designed and built a pretty decent focus stacking rail, Fast Stacker, recently upgraded to v2.0 (hardware and software). Can handle magnifications up to 60:1, perhaps even 100:1 (steps as small as 0.6 um):

I used it for my photo prints shooting (no stacking - just for the accurate focusing purposes).

BobKnDP wrote:

Gesture wrote:

What about a 10x peak loupe. Interestingly, I have one of those tiny 40x "microscopes" with lighting you can buy for about $5 on eBay. Really amazing quality for the price.

Good for visual use, but I'm not inclined to try to adapt one to a camera.

The images certainly break down with 10X magnification.

That's pretty cool. I suppose that focus stacking would benefit from a telecentric lens (like microscope objectives, where the magnification does not change with object plane).

You're in that subspecies of astrophysicist who does hardware? I browsed through the build. Impressive. Submicron step, backlash correction, etc.

I see that you show a camera/bellow/reversed lens setup in the flickr gallery.

Yup, I was into both astrophysics and DIY electronics stuff since I was a kid. Still doing both, 40 years later

I do have a couple of microscope objectives (10x and 20x) for extreme macro shots. For the photo prints, I used a reversed old photo enlarger lens Componon 28 mm f/4 which is very good for magnifications around 4:1 (

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