Cleaning R6 sensor with a swab

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Re: Cleaning R6 sensor with a swab

PhotosFlight wrote:

GammyKnee wrote:

I think if any sensor was unusually fragile, LR would have commented on it, just as they have commented on the fluorine coating on some more recent lenses.

Could you please elaborate on this.

If you mean the bit about the fluorine coating, well Roger Cicala wrote in the LR blog:

"As an aside, we despise the new fluorine front and rear coatings and consider them a significant step backward in durability; but that’s just our opinion"


"Canon claims the new fluorine coating makes it easier to wipe off oil and smudges. I think the new fluorine coating is easier to wipe off. Could be Canon and I are both right, could be just Canon is right."

Here's the link:

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