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Re: Vintage lens adapter for L mount

Blastam wrote:

Hi Everyone! I'm looking into getting an S5+20-60mm. I will be my first FF and first Lumix. Thing is I have tons of vintage lenses that I love using on my current crop mirrorless, and my hesitation is that as far as I can see, there are a lot less adapters around, specifically in Europe where I live. If anyone can give me some pointers about where I can find some, I would really appreciate it. I am looking to get L mount adapters for M42/Pentax K/ Konica AR / Contax/Yashica (C/Y) / Olympus OM and Minolta MD

The best inexpensive adapters I have come across in years of shooting adapted lenses is Fotasy. Usually under $20, cant go wrong for the price. I have ordered many of these over the last year and they all work fine.

For $50 to $100 I would recommend Shoten if you can find them. I have ordered two from China in the last couple of months and they are stupidly well made and look great. I have the ones with the indented ridges around the circumference.

In the over $100 range I recommend Metabones or Kipon. I own multiples of both, and they dont disappoint.

I cannot recommend Gobe/Urth. I ordered one and it didnt fit right on the camera. They replaced it, but that one has a bad fit as well.

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