Canon G620 (G550/G650/G620) printer: disappointed with the resolution

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Re: Need information, suspect user error

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

I just purchased my first photo printer, Canon G620 (G550/G650/G620) ....

which is a very good time to suspect that any problems are far more likely to be user errors instead of equipment defects, especially where there are

a large number of very positive reviews, including this site. In particular, people often describe the print quality as comparable or better than the one you can get in a shop. And my intention was to use it as a substitute to ordering from a shop.

On the substance:

My first impressions: the colors seem to be good, though I will have to teak the white balance a bit as grey in my X-rite color target prints a bit warmer (and pinkier) than it should. For example, when my target grey is 6600K, +22 (ACR), the Canon Paper Plus Glossy II prints as 7350K, +14, and Canon Paper Glossy as 8200K, +12.

If you said what software you're using to print, I missed it, please tell us. If you've indicated that you know how to select the right ICC profile, I missed it, please tell us and elaborate. I suspect whatever settings you're using are not the ones needed to get neutral color.

My biggest grip is the fuzziness of the prints - even when I set it to custom, maximum (Fine=1) quality setting. I could already see the fuzziness with my naked eye (rather obvious), and then decided to explore this further, by taking a macro (4:1) photos of the print.

Here is the result. The pixel size here is 1.72 um, the area is 1.4 mm^2. On the left is a print made in a shop (Costco Fujitsu printer, 300 dpi native resolution). On the right is the print made with my Canon G620 at the highest quality setting.

Agreed that doesn't look good. There's no reason you should be seeing individual ink droplets if the G620's driver is set to the media type for Canon photo paper, you in fact print on that paper, and you have the highest photo quality set. But again, I'm going 97% this is some problem with settings, not the printer.

So: what operating system are you using, what software are you using to print, and what printer driver settings are you using (maybe even screen-cap and post the dialog box)?

Thanks for looking into this. I am pretty scientific about this stuff (in fact, I do have a PhD - in astrophysics), and I wouldn't post this until I have exhausted checking all the potential culprits. I do calibrate my monitor and camera. Printing was done from Photoshop (under Windows), I made sure I am not double-correcting (I tried both printer OR Photoshop doing color correction, not both; same result). I set the finest quality setting (1) in the printer's driver.

Macro photography is my hobby, so the next obvious step was taking an extreme macro shot of both G620 print and a pro photo. And that macro photo explained everything - G620 does use a kind of dithering which is fairly obvious (to my eyes), even though the effective resolution is pretty good (I estimated it at 230 dpi - once I blur the scan to that degree, dithering artifacts are gone).

My original post is less about trying to make sure I am not doing something wrong (at this point I am 95% sure I am not), but rather as a warning to others that this printer does have some limitations, when compared to photos printed in a (good) shop. At the end of the day, it is still a very good photo printer, the best out there in this price range.

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