Thoughts on the M11

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Re: Thoughts on the M11

The solution might be to only use one system at a time ;-). This is what I do. Either I should my M10 or my film camera, or my Nikon D610 (which I rarely use since I got my M10, but I keep for those things the M10 cannot do---video, long zoom that I need at times). More to the point, I think it's better to design a battery that fits best a camera than to design a camera to fit a battery. The size of the SL is not that of the M. Thank God since the size of the SL is prohibitive for me. One of the reasons I chose the M (over say the Nikon Z system) as my "newer" system is that I wanted a compact full-frame camera with good glass. Engineering is about making the best compromise and I think they did the right thing by not over-emphasizing having the same battery across systems of widely different sizes.

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