Canon G620 (G550/G650/G620) printer: disappointed with the resolution

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Re: Canon G620 (G550/G650/G620) printer: disappointed with the resolution

Box Brownie wrote:

pulsar123 wrote:

Box Brownie wrote:

You have blinded me a bit by the 'science & measurements'....

Can I ask have actually taken a picture (not a picture of a picture & scanned?) and created a print ready file (1800px x 1200px @300ppi) and seen how well that prints on 6 x 4 inch photo paper???

FWIW when prepared as I describe including output sharpening for inkjet printing my very humble Canon TS8250 produces very acceptably sharp and accurate colours to lab printed colour prints.

I started looking into fuzziness of G620 prints because first I printed a few "normal" (not test) 4x6 images (you see a head shot element from that image in my OP), and these looked significantly less sharp than what I was used to from printing at Costco. Then I spent quite a bit of time fine tuning the settings, thinking that perhaps I am doing something wrong. At the end I realized it's not me, it's just the way these printers work, and my macro shots were just to confirm what I already figured. (Also, it was fun - to see what exactly the printer is doing, at macroscopic level.)

Don't get me wrong - the printer is great, one just needs to know its limitations. And one of the limitations - don't expect a lab quality from 4x6 photos. I am sure larger prints will look much better.

I surmise that Costco will automatically apply (significant?) sharpening to the image files as part of their printing process.

If you are not sharpening as part of your PP workflow then that is something to consider.

NB I shoot raw and sharpening is part of capture and output workflow, whether printed by me, Giclee printed by a commercial printer or even greetings cards printed digitally using a Contone process. Each needs carefull IMO consideration to the final file(s) I need to create

I print at Costco with all PP disabled. Besides, my own images are plenty sharp, sharpening them even further won't make any difference, as G620 is the weak link here.

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