Sleeping Grandchild

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Re: Sleeping Grandchild

Iamme non wrote:

discopants wrote:

Kumsal wrote:

This is the strangest comment I've read so far about a photo taken by me 😆

Am not sure what you mean ..

I'm part of the audience for Street Photography and I don't see any is the easiest explanation I can give. Street Photography is nothing to do with a photo taken in a Street. The square is also a problem for me, I simply don't see any reason for it to be (and moreso in the narrative as Street)


Agree ant, for some reason the subject doesn't sit all that well in the shot for me either, not sure what it is, maybe to big for the square. Or just the fact it is a square.


The grandparent and child are sitting beside the street instead of walking down the sidewalk. Oh, I get it.

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I will not just say 'nice photo!' - if I like a photo I will say why.
I will not praise a photo that is dull, clichéd, or 'artsy'.
If you choose to 'ignore list' me or dislike me for being honest, that's fine.

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