What’s the limit for MFT high res?

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Re: Talk to me about panoramas

Humansvillian wrote:

Brent Lossing wrote:

and any gear can do it. Panoramas are actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

There’s another feature I hardly ever use, panoramas.

There are places where I shoot, such as Caplinger Mills, where I could make some interesting high res panoramas.

I live in a pretty flat area (Minnesota).  It helps sometimes to get a wider field of view without necessarily adding height.

I’d need a tripod, but I think there’s maybe 10 shots I could take, and then have Workspace merge them.

You can use a tripod, I am not sure if you can use hi-res mode, and I am not sure if your camera supports instant cameras.

What I do know:

If I have a tripod with me I use a tripod, if not it is fairly easy to do handheld.  Most any lens will work (wide angle, telephoto, macro).  I use Lightroom for stitching.  I used to use Microsoft ICE which also works well. Both will stitch multiple images across and/or down.  Generally try to have 1/3 to 1/4 overlap on images.  It used to be important to lock exposure - Lightroom does a good job even without it.  Do not touch the zoom and try not to move from a single reference point.  In lightroom you select the images you want to stitch together and do a Photomerge Panorama.  I experimented in the house first to get the technique down.

This is using several portrait (7592x5184 px)


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