2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

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Re: 2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

I started with a kodak retina, moved to canon ae1 and a1 which I loved.  Then Minolta came out with the x series with off camera flash abd autofocus, game changing for me with a 7xi and new baby.  Digital started coming along but I liked my minolta glass.  Then Sony bought Minolta and I succumbed to digital ith th a350, yben a580 (way underrated) and finally full in with a77ii.  Dang I love that but mine has a weirrd autofocus and hit rate dropped (recently I disassembled and recalibrated it myself wish I had done that years ago noemit works great!).  On  a business trlp I stopped in Frys and tried the NX100 with the 30mm lens and was hooked.  Got an nx20 which had potential but sucky viewfinder.  I found myself grabbing nx to hike just because it was so compact witb great sensors.  Then the nx500 came out and my use of a77ii was only for birds and I was going to drop A mount to nx1 but there were no long telephotos.  Nx is awesome for adapting but when I was about to get nx1 Samsung left the market.  Ugggh.  Then Sony abandoned A mount as I eyed going full frame with a99ii because e mount flashes had a new interface.  Ugggh 2.  I like common glass and common batteries and common cables like usb micro and common flashes like all the old film systems that could use a vivitar 283.  Nx500 would still kill the current apsc market, but i wished for a nice viewfinder, which I would use for birding with an adapted lens.  It still is the lightest and most hikeable high quality camera I have tried.  But .... then a friend lent me his a7r4 and a1.  I got the a7r4 and adapted my a mount glass noting a1 is great (like the canon a1!).  It is just perfect to me for my use and the viewfinder is worth it along with the resolution and autofocus and good fit to my hands.  My Nx500 is still my travel setup though; now I'm kind of looking a a7cbut the nx still is way lighter and more than capable and the only reason I may go a7c is for the viewfinder,but being left eye dominant will stick with nx500 for now. Samsung failed in putting out a long telephoto and a 90 to 100mm macro, but their other lenses and 28mp apsc is still good enough for everthing else.  Final note with the son a7r4 my apsc mode is 26 mp but side by side I prefer the nx, nut barely.  Having full frame and similar adaptability of lenses along with better optics from zeiss, sony and voigtlander is pushing me that direction, as an oldrr hobbyist I am their market.  I considered l-mount but it picked a dumb flange distance so Sony it is.  Er, for now.  I am not selling my samsung but a mount will likely go.  Final note i love the a77ii ergonomics and a7r4 is still bigger and heavier than my canon a1, but Samsung is smaller and lighter.  And no new camera has made me a better photographer but they have made some things easier and more fun like the animal tracking autofocus on a7r4 (and lordy the eye tracker onnthe a1 i tried!).  One more note is I love articulated viewfinders for landscape and I have no idea why sony didnt take the a77ii/a99ii design to emount, but a7r4's is good enough similar to the nx500  an interesting thing hapoened with a7r4 though-my wif of 32 years has taken and is learning photography because she loved my initial photos with it, she did start on the nx500 but doesn't use that anymore.  A rare WAF for such an expensive investment! .  Well that is a short story for you!

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