Thoughts on the M11

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Re: Thoughts on the M11

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Anyway, for those who aren't bothered by leaks here's the biggest one yet:

Woah. Only 530 grams in black! Amazing.

It must have the guts of Sigma fp L, which is about 400 grams, in a metal box, with the larger battery, and an optical view finder.

I really doubt that. The sensor's underlying silicon is likely the same, but the sensor's topping, shutter, processors, etc. are all different.

That is one possible hypothesis.

It is known that Leica has a Maestro series processor, and Sigma does not.

It is known that toppings are different as Leica must support vintage wide-angles very well, and Sigma does not.

It is known that Leica has a mechanical shutter, and Sigma fp-L does not.

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