What are these waves in the sky visible on some .ORFs ?

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Re: What are these waves in the sky visible on some .ORFs ?

stokey wrote:

drj3 wrote:

stokey wrote:

drj3 wrote:

On OV3, Tools, Options, Advanced Settings, change RAW image Quality from Standard to Display at highest quality and see if it still occurs

on WS - do not check - Photos - Display RAW images with Priority on Speed and the actual display may depend on GPU on your computer.

Thank you, that does the trick. You win 1st prize Mr drj3, but could you explain in a little more detail what WS does to produce this effect when "priority on speed" is selected ?


It is using a much lower resolution (imbedded jpeg) in order to speed the display when priority is set to speed.

So I'm editing my photo based on viewing a very low resolution image ?

To speed up things, many programs default to initially showing that horrible embedded jpeg before they (slowly) process the real raw data and finally show that instead.

Hopefully when editing the raw file you are actually editing the raw file and when outputting the result it is the jpeg from the raw file.

The freebie FastStone Viewer by default uses the embedded jpeg simply for speed reasons, the user needs to change the Settings so that it uses the raw data instead.

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