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Three GM5 bodies each attached to a lens of choice, some spare batteries in a pouch, a suitable charger (all the batteries are the same). One GM5 fill flash in its little bag and a table tripod - all tucked away in a space the size of a shoulder bag. Multiple bodies each only the size of a pack of cards larger than the lens it is attached to. No swapping lenses in the field - swap cameras, they all work in the same way and there is some effective redundancy in having multiple bodies should some misadventure happen.

The GM5 was made for this sort of occasion. You don’t even need a clip-on evf

If, if we had a GM5, but we don't.

So, we will take one body and three lenses.

Use large fast capacity SD cards dedicated to each camera body and you should never need separate storage.

The compact size of the GM5 allows more capable exotic lenses if desired even if they are larger. The 200/2.8 and 40-150/2.8 might pose a slight rethink of the shoulder bag - but much less than if even a couple of G9 bodies were on the menu.


Or one body, two lenses as on our three week Euro. river cruise last fall: G9 and excellent P-L 14-150 and Oly 9-18 - both adapted 4/3 - and a small shoulder bag.

You have no shallow DOF capability with that set up, and more importantly, no low light capability.


Well, I've carried heavy bags all over the world the past 15 years, and at 81 for the cruise, no mas!

I got over the shallow DOF thingy back in my Nikon F days 50 years ago. If I was carrying the old GH1, or even GH4, I might have worried a bit about low light. Not with the G9's hi-ISO matching the best of m4/3's, and it's IBIS for the adapted 4/3 9-18. A few images below...the first from Bucharest, the rest from Cologne and its 500+ ft high Cathedral, construction beginning in the 1200's.

The panny 20mm f/1.7 would cost you nothing at any age.


I sold that long ago after several weeks in the France's Alsace, with GH1/P-L14-150 and E-PL1 w/ Pan. 7-14, the 20/1.7 in the bag. Never found a reason to use it - way too limited in it's range of FL's...

Below a favorite street shot back then w/ 14-150.

Dances with dog

Faster lenses on the shelf now are the Pan. 2.8 zooms for indoor video, 25/1.4 almost never used, and will go to grandson with the old GH4, Nikkor 85/1.7 from the 70's which I occ. use in performance videos, and a Miranda 50/1.4 I was given.

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