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Re: How about the "rotator" challenge?

ProfHankD wrote:

Parry Johnson wrote:

I posted a recent comment about how all serious photographers should challenge themselves to using only one lens (the lowly 50mm prime in that case) for a month

Actually, I tend toward the exact opposite view: I think it's a really great exercise to cycle through your lenses.

The whole point in having multiple lenses is to be able to use them to make the images you couldn't make with just one lens, but that implies you need to be very aware of what each lens is good for, and you need to be able to choose wisely for the expected circumstances which lens(es) to bring. Thus, I'd encourage folks to cycle through all their lenses, forcing yourself to spend enough time with each to know what it's good for... which I'd suggest takes at least 2-3 shooting circumstances each for good lenses (less for bad ones ). So, my suggestion would be:

Define your carry kit as the lenses you think you need for the particular circumstances + the current lens in rotation. When you feel you understand the lens in rotation well enough, switch to a new rotation lens choice. Also, post a mini review here and/or anywhere else as you complete each rotation choice -- partly to help you remember, but also to save others the testing. This is essentially how I (slowly) work my way though my 250 lenses....

I think Parry has defined the parameters for this thread's challenge for any who would like to participate in it or follow it. For the avoidance of confusion or dilution of Parry's original suggestion, why not have different challenges that any would like to initiate be in a separate thread? While I don't know if I will take up the one-lens challenge myself, I do look forward to learning what lenses people choose and to seeing a greater number of images from each lens as people post them for the month.

I also think Parry's goal is to challenge ourselves to see what we can do with one lens rather than seeing what a lens can do.

ProfHankD's suggestion is a fine and valid one too - I would just like to see any posts for a rotator challenge in a different thread.

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