Question to long term X100/S/T/F users

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Re: Question to long term X100/S/T/F users

MikeyLNG wrote:

Just a quick question to any long term users of the earlier X100x models. How have the control dials held up? As in the front aperture dial, the front/rear wheels and/or the spinning dpad? Do they still control the settings like new?

The reason I ask is because while I don't have an X100x (yet...), I have a Ricoh GR and an Olympus E-P5, and on both, the front dial on the GR is bad and constantly jumps all over the place when trying to select an aperture/shutter speed/etc., and likewise with my Olympus' dials.

It'd be a bit disappointing if this were a consistent issue across all/most manufacturers.

My X100T has been heavily used. It looks all beat up but works like when I got it back in 2016. 33'6k shots so far. No issues with dials and it has been covered in sand, sun screen, sweat, sprayed with sea water etc.

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