Tokina ATX 287 f:2.8 AF Pro SV poor performance

Started Nov 6, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Sjoerd Westerterp Forum Member • Posts: 57
Tokina ATX 287 f:2.8 AF Pro SV poor performance

I've purchased both the Nikkor 17-35mm f:2.8 ED and the Tokina 28-70mm f:2.8 Pro SV for use with my S2Pro.
I based choices on several lens review sites, and forum postings.

I can say the Nikkor is indeed an amazing lens, very sharp, crisp, little to no distortion in first quick & dirty runs. Of course at these prices I'd expect no less. I am happily impressed with the lens's performance.

I must say however the Tokina, while highly praised by many and of course way cheaper than the Nikkor 28-70 f:2.8 (6 times cheaper here in NL) at least on my body seriously underperforms.

At f:8.0 the image quality is good, not great, at 2.8 thru 4 it is horrible. I don't think I'd ever be able to use a shot at these apertures without heavy photoshop work. I really don't get it, if not the results with other lenses were ok, I'd suspect my body is at fault.

At smaller aperture sharpness stays fair, but a greyish cast shows more and more with decreasing aperture. The results I described apply for both the 28mm end as the 70mm, albeit not in the exact same gradations.

Also, I think this lens needs A LOT of force to change the focal distance ring, unlike all my other lenses.

Does anyone recognize this or feels the exact opposite? I am seriously considering a quick return and forget the 'cheap' alternatives and order the Nikkor 28-70 after all. Or did just get a very poor specimen.

I am about to start believing the S2Pro indeed only performs its best with true Nikkor lenses.... My (sold) 40$ 35-80mm f:3.5-4.5 ultracheap make outperformed the Tokina easily.

Thanks for your replies,
I remain here, a bit sad today...


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