Starting a small business: Printer and Paper suggestion for Wall Art Printing

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Starting a small business: Printer and Paper suggestion for Wall Art Printing

Hello everybody,

I'm planning to start a small business, by selling Art Prints (wall art, something like this) on Etsy and Amazon.

I'm good in design (AI, CDR, Photoshop...), but i don't have experience with printing, so i need your help

As i mentioned earlier, I will just start with the business so i can't say what amount i will print. (might be 1 per day, might be 100 per week)

I was thinking on buying A2 printer, as the prints will be mainly A2, A3 and A4.

I was suggested by a friend to buy Epson P900. I was also looking at a Cannon PRO-1000.

So, at this moment for me is important to have a high quality prints, but at the same time i would like to have quality printer with low maintenance and ink costs, so i can make a profit at the end.

What would you suggest me to buy. It doesn't have to be the one of the two i mentioned earlier.

Also, I'm flexible with the budget, so if there is something more expensive, but cheaper on a long run, i would consider that too. (but not more than let say 4-5000 EUR)

The second thing and probably more important is the Paper. First of all i have no idea what paper should i use. I know it should be thick, and that's pretty much all

What can  you suggest me for a paper, on which i can print quality photos, but at the same time the price to be decent, so i can make a profit (the price of the printings will be between 30-60 EUR for 2-4 A2 prints). Should i use gloss, mate...?

I saw also that there is a option to install roll on the Epson p900. Is it cheaper if i buy the paper as a roll? (i would also need a suggestion of what kind of paper to buy)

But then comes the question, what cutter should i buy?

Thank you so much in advance.

Happy new Year and best wishes to all of you.

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