R5 freeze-ups

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Re: R5 freeze-ups

I bought my first ever mirrorless on 12/31. An R5. Spent the weekend with a dud copy where I got Error 70 lockup several hundred times. I spent hours researching and troubleshooting and there was no way of predicting when or why it would happen. I only have EF glass but when I took it back to local camera store they tried it with R-mount and it locked up immediately. I got it replaced and rattled off a couple thousand images on the new body without any problems.

Don’t put up with this. Obviously Canon has a parts and/or QC problem. Demand a replacement and not a repair. That’s the best way to get this fixed. Ive used Canon digital cameras for 12 years without ever having a single problem. This is just weird. I think the cult of the R5 is causing people to suppress any criticism of it.

Dont get me wrong. I can tell this camera is going to be a blast for the next several years for me but it is not perfect and not above criticism.

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