2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

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Re: 2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

Onetwoshot wrote:

Has anyone else invested in another system alongside the NX? Was it a good move for you or do you feel that Full Frame is not worth the extra?

I went the opposite way, I "invested" in six Samsung bodies (not yet the two top models) this past year which at first I used as backup to the Nikon Dslr's.

With improving confidence in them, I can now go out to a function/event/stage/music performance with a couple of NX's plus a few kit Samsung lenses - also backed up with (adapted) fast e.g. 50, 85 and 300 Nikkors and can leave behind the DSLR.

I may probably release my apsc Nikon outfit to offset the costs of my growing system!

To my mind I have the best of both worlds of two excellent camera systems: an OVF full frame Nikon AND mirrorless crop Samsungs. Covered for the immediate to mid future for the sort of paid/pleasure shooting (more of the second nowadays) I anticipate.

The Samsung system still has legs, I believe. I almost want to keep it a secret how good it is (with a few foibles I can live with) - even against a new Sony/Fuji as some here have compared. While one may sometimes spot a good bargain on ebay, mostly the cameras and lenses lately seem to fetch - or ask for - inflated prices, imo, for low-end, older models. NX1 and 500 prices are way up there, and yet apparently get sold.

So there seems to be a demand holding, and a ready supply, for now.

My quick response, and while everybody's needs differ - and whichever is one's selection of another main system camera - keep the Samsungs!

(and stock up with batteries)

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