Liveview autofocus performance: D7100 versus D5XXX series cameras

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Re: Liveview autofocus performance: D7100 versus D5XXX series cameras

BillAngel wrote:

I own a Nikon D7100 and the autofocus through the viewfinder is excellent. As is well known, autofocus in the camera's Liveview mode is sluggish. I'm interested in knowing if autofocus in Liveview mode in a Nikon D5XXX series camera would be better, as I'd consider getting a used one to use just when shooting video. I'm not concerned so much with low light level performance, but rather shooting video of a moving subject in daylight or when switching the camera from focusing on a subject close by to one further away while continuing to shoot the video, a situation that one might encounter when shooting an outdoor concert.


Bill A

Baltimore, Md

I had a D5100 and now have a D5600. I haven't owned or used a D7100, so don't know how sluggish its live view AF would be.

My D5600 uses Contrast Detected Auto focus on LiveView. It is slower than the Phase Detected AF when OVF is used. I understand that the D7100 also uses CDAF on LV. I would expect its LV AF speed will be similar to that of my D5600.

If you intend to use the D5xxx for taking video, I would recommend either D5500 or D5600, both have touch screen AF.

When I take video with my D5600, I always use touch screen focus. I use AF-S and I follow and touch to focus on the subject on my LCD. Especially when used with AF-P lens, the AF is very fast and noiseless.

I choose and change the focus point as I see it on the LCD. Touch AF works very well especially with moving subject, Indoor or outdoor, daylight or stage/room light.

I took many videos of the stage performances of my granddaughter. I could always keep the focus on her, even when they had so many little girls moving around on stage.

It will work well when shooting an outdoor concert. You would have full control of where and who you want to focus on, just by keep touching the subject on the LCD as the subject moves.

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