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Re: Program has changed a lot
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Terrible Photographer wrote:

Last I checked, NPS acceptance needed a sponsor, so you needed another Pro Photog who could vet you.

That hasn't been the case for years.

Yeah, that requirement (which was in place when I first joined NPS in the 1990s) was dispensed with a long time ago. The actual requirement was that you needed to be recommended by somebody who was already an NPS member.

It was both a significant hurdle for some legitimate pros who didn't have the right connections and also easy to game by non-pros who happened to have a friend who was in NPS. So, two strikes against it.

Looking at the qualifying equipment list - it looks like any current equipment will qualify- back in the day - it was 2 pro bodies (D# series) and 4 pro lenses if I remember correctly.

It does look like they are transiting to a subscription service - pay to play. In Canada, we are still on the old model but its only a matter of time.

I can see the free level disappearing in the future.

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